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This is my gratitude journal.

gratitude journal

For five months, I came up with three new things to be grateful for everyday. I wrote them all down on a giant sheet of paper on my bedroom wall.

The Results

During the first few days, the gratitude journal was too easy. It didn’t feel meaningful because to start, I just rattled off the most generic things to be grateful for–“#1. A great family, #2. good health, #3. great friends etc.” It was only when I couldn’t come up with any more off the top of my head when things got interesting. Remaining committed to the challenge quickly began to positively affect how I experienced my daily life.  Read the rest of this entry »



Time and space are only “real” in our physical experience.

We live with an illusion of linear time. However in reality, we are actually evolving within the continuously unfolding present moment, where all life and the experience of life take place.

The only aspect of time that exists is this eternal now.


When our minds wander to the past or the future, we are fleeing the true reality of the present moment and escaping to a false one of our own misperception. We cannot find God there. God only resides in the present moment because the present is the only “place” that is real. Consciously returning to the present moment as often as possible is the first step in truly experiencing life and being able to experience God in our lives. Read the rest of this entry »

continued from part 1

What you can expect to happen:

As you practice Anapana Meditation, you will notice that it will be very difficult to stay focused on the simple task of observing your breath. Thoughts will spontaneously pop up and beg for your attention. Your mind will wander towards past events, or things that you anticipate happening in the future.

This is normal. This is the nature of the mind that we are all born with.Buddha_Homer-876x1024

What to do when your mind won’t shut up. Read the rest of this entry »


The origin of creative thought is a mystery. While creativity seems to arise spontaneously like a flash of lightning, the creative Source can actually be accessed at any time.

Inspired thought cannot be manufactured by the analytical mind, it can only be received by the spirit. Collecting data and trying to fit the pieces together like a puzzle will not result in an original idea. While gathering information is important, the creative thought that connects everything together in a meaningful way can only be received when in a state of no-mind, or no thought.

Homer Brain

Too much thinking shuts off creative flow. This happens for three main reasons:

  1. the mind loves to judge and categorize thoughts and experiences as good or bad, right or wrong, smart or dumb.
  2. the mind tends to over-analyze every detail.
  3. the mind obsessively creates plans, makes assumptions, and stubbornly adheres to them. The ego loves to stick with only its plans, because the unknown cannot be controlled and is therefore perceived as a threat.

Each mental tendency contributes to the same result– the building up of mental resistance to any idea judged as unworthy or foreign to the ego. Dependence on our ego’s judgments and plans cuts off our connection to the creative Source and our ability to perceive the infinite avenues by which a solution may present itself.

homer mind

The Solution:

Read the rest of this entry »

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