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BodyBanner Hey you. You’re a big kid now. This doesn’t pass for breakfast anymore. chocolate_covered_sugar_bombs_largeReplace that cereal & milk with oatmeal. If you really want to see some tangible improvements in your health, eat like me every morning, and knock out all the chia seeds, flax seed, nuts, and raw honey that you’re supposed to eat in one bowl of UMazingness.


Every ingredient is good for you. It’ll boost your energy, help your body heal, and make you feel great.

It might just be the healthiest, most energizing way to start your day. One day you’ll be so proud of yourself like this big guy.

Everyone knows that oatmeal is good for you, but most only know about how it lowers cholesterol.

Let’s review the facts. Let’s get edu-macated!

Health Benefits




Continued from Part 4

Step 5. Remember to continue trusting life

Life never functions in a predictable linear path. However when fear kicks in, the ego will use its logic to try to keep you permanently down with “proof” that life will always be the way it is now.


The ego has no real grasp of how our future will unfold. This is because what the mind knows, only comes from the data it has accumulated up until now. It can only pull from this information and is constantly creating projections of the future based on past patterns. Much like a corporation forecasting earnings for the next 10 years, the ego will also create a perfectly linear projection. But life never works in this way. Life is mysterious, and it is the unknown that allows for progress to occur exponentially. Good examples of this are the thousands of rags to riches tales such as Oprah, J.K. Rowling, Steve Jobs etc.


The heart on the other hand communicates with all of existence, as our eternal souls are tied to the eternal God/Infinite Intelligence/All That Is. Being connected to All That Is, our intuitive guide has infinite organizing power. It has the higher view to bring forth what we desire in the timing that is necessary to facilitate the challenges and growth we must experience. The heart always knows where we must go next to progress along our path. Learning its language and then committing to always saying Yes to its call will lead to fulfillment and a magical unfolding of life. Read the rest of this entry »

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