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What you can expect to happen:

As you practice Anapana Meditation, you will notice that it will be very difficult to stay focused on the simple task of observing your breath. Thoughts will spontaneously pop up and beg for your attention. Your mind will wander towards past events, or things that you anticipate happening in the future.

This is normal. This is the nature of the mind that we are all born with.Buddha_Homer-876x1024

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Anapana is a simple meditation technique. All you have to do is stay focused on your breath. Sounds simple enough, right?

Getting started:

  1. Find a quiet space and sit in a comfortable, upright position. No need to be in Lotus position; a chair is just fine.
  2. Close your eyes.
  3. Begin breathing through your nose.

Vader is Zen.

How to meditate: 

  • Breathe normally without trying to regulate it in anyway.
  • Put all of your attention on the sensations of inhalation and exhalation through your nostrils.

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