BodyBannerI generally only eat three types of grains.

  • 1/2 cup of organic steel cut oatmeal for breakfast
  • 1/2 cup of organic brown rice or organic quinoa for lunch
  • and another 1/2 cup of organic brown rice or organic quinoa for dinner.

I stopped eating cereal, pasta, and bread. It’s too processed and I can immediately feel the impact on my body. For example, when I have a slice of pizza I instantly start growing a gut.

Zachary's. My favorite!

Zachary’s. My favorite!

Whereas when I cook giant feasts for my friends, my stomach stays relatively unchanged, even after eating until we’re completely stuffed.

Every Wednesday I host Man Night dinners for my best friends. We eat and share hilarious stories from the week. It’s like The Man Show, but without girls jumping on trampolines, or that cool old guy who plays the piano while downing a pint in one gulp.


What a gift.

Typically we eat:

  • organic brown rice or organic quinoa
  • free range chicken, broiled mackerel, or organic tofu
  • a giant plate of veggies, usually steamed organic kale/collard greens or a stir fry

This is paired with a nice bottle of red wine, for heart purposes only of course.

St. Francis. The Official Wine of Man Night.

St. Francis. The Official Wine of Man Night.


For dessert, we start by opening another bottle of wine and enjoying it with lots of 85% Trader Joe’s dark chocolate and almonds (food synergy).

Finally we top things off by devouring an entire cantaloupe. Go organic here if you can. The flavor will be more mind-blowing than when you first tasted fresh pineapple after eating cans of Dole pineapples your whole life.

dole_pineappleSticking religiously to these grains has definitely played an important part in keeping me trim and in shape. This is because all three grains are high in fiber and are low Glycemic Index foods, compared to their cereal, white rice, and bread counterparts. Low GI foods help stabilize blood sugar levels and are more easily digested. 

Quinoa is particularly great because it’s packed with protein and has all 9 essential amino acids.


I’ve been eating like this for the past three years and have seen amazing results. I used to be like every other athletic guy in his 20s. I was obsessed with working out and lifting weights. I believed that if you lifted for an hour a day, you could slack off on the quality of food you put in your body. Back then I was 80% gym, 20% food.

But then I made the switch and now know the truth.

My wellness can be more accurately categorized as

  • 75% food and drinks
  • 15% sleep and stress management
  • 10% gym

I haven’t stepping inside a gym in over three years and have only been working out maybe 1-2 times a week. However, now that I’ve eaten my way to a healthier body, I’ll probably start exercising more to see what kind of machine I can build with my food+workout regiment.

Make food your focus. It’s that important.

Work on eating clean, drinking 2-3L of water, and reducing stress while walking a minimum of about 30 minutes a day. If you treat your body kindly in this way for about a month, you will start seeing noticeable results. I promise. 

Remember that no matter how many crunches you do, it will never heal your liver or other organs. But food will.

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