Drinking a green juice right before praying or meditating is like taking steroids and then lifting weights.


Hear me know, and believe me later… green juices will PUMP…YOU UP!

It will PUMP UP your spiritual connectivity by keeping your mind and body relaxed, while increasing your ability to concentrate.

This happens because the liquid jolt of veggie nutrients is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream. The green boost then stimulates the brain, creating heightened mental sharpness and sensitivity, without the racing heart and hyperactivity associated with caffeine. 

Pounding a green juice prior to meditating helps me keep my mind from wandering and remain in the present moment longer, which is the only place to experience God. I am able to more easily dive into deeper states of consciousness, and sense subtle vibrations throughout my body. I’ve also noticed that I experience more intense sensations and connectivity in my 3rd eye and crown chakra regions after downing a Mean Green Juice.

Green juices, along with an alkaline diet, help decalcify the pineal gland and awaken your 3rd eye. Unleash the spiritual Stefan Urquel within you!

Having a healthy body is one of the most important criteria in developing any spiritual practice. Without it, the mind has difficulty thinking clearly and staying focused, because any pain will divert attention, and any mental sluggishness will prevent concentration.

Regularly drinking green juices will keep you healthy, while strategically-timed consumption will assist in fast-tracking you towards experiencing a deeper reality and your True self.

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Amen to kale!

Drink your way towards experiencing God/The Universe/Infinite Intelligence with a pre-prayer green boost!

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