I’ve had a green juice almost everyday for the past two years. It is clearly the single best change that I’ve made to upgrade my diet and elevate my health.


With green juices, we now have the opportunity to consume more vegetable nutrients than was ever humanly possible. One 0.5L juice can contain the equivalent of eating about five plates of vegetables, and that’s a lot chewing.

Studies show that plant-based nutrients are what the cells in our bodies need most, and that our current diet does not contain nearly as many vegetables as it should.

We all know that we need to eat more veggies. Juicing provides an efficient way to pack it all in and still have room to eat.


Since I started drinking green juices daily, I noticed that I began benefitting from the following:

  • an instant energy boost. It works better than coffee for me, and is great for workouts.
  • better stamina
  • a more positive mindset
  • reduced stress and irritability
  • brighter eyes
  • greater mental clarity and focus
  • clearer, more radiant skin
  • weight loss, muscle gain


Juicing will also regulate your trips to the bathroom, and you’ll literally flush out a lot of waste. Every morning I wake up, go to the bathroom, and like clockwork, start the day a few pounds lighter (TMI?). The green juices help keep me healthy and detox my body on a daily basis. To me it makes more sense to have a juice regularly rather than going on and off juice fasts.

I don’t recommend juice fasts. It’s unrealistic and painful.

When I first started juicing, I began with a 7-day juice fast. That was the worst decision ever. I only lasted three days because I couldn’t handle the hunger pangs and how everything I saw on TV turned into food porn. It was torture. Even the gross burgers in the Sonic commercials look heavenly. And The Best Thing I Ever Ate show on the Food Network?? Pure EVIL.

Looks gross now, but when in the right state of mind, it looks amazing. Perception is everything.

Looks gross now, but when in the right state of mind, it can look amazing. Perception is everything.

Juice fasts will turn you off from enjoying green juices because you’ll associate it with dieting, suffering, and sacrifice. In reality, green juices actually taste delicious, but like with anything new, you first have to get over that mental hurdle of resistance and unlearn the aversions you might have to drinking vegetable juice.

I recommend going organic when juicing. It’ll run you about $3-$4 a juice, but it will change your life and is totally worth it in the long run.

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