Yes it looks very girly, but this DVD changed my life.





I threw out my lower back during my senior year in high school. It was the morning of the Homecoming dance, and I had over slept. I jumped out of bed and immediately began washing my car. Being parked on a sloped driveway, I was forced to vacuum and soap the entire car hunched over. That’s my back suddenly gave out and I collapsed onto the concrete. I couldn’t move. Luckily however, my dad had just completed his acupuncture training and was able to patch me up in time to make it to the dance.


Yah… something like this.

Over the next five years I suffered from chronic lower back pain. I couldn’t sit for longer than a few minutes without having to shift positions.

I tried physical therapy. It didn’t help.

At the gym I focused more on working out my back and abs. Still nothing.

I had just about given up on the idea of regaining a normal range of motion when I stumbled into the movie section in the Santa Barbara public library one summer and found this yoga DVD. 

I had heard that yoga was good for your back, so I gave it a shot. I did the workout three times a week for two months, and the results were amazing! In that short time my abs became more ripped than the six years I had spent doing sit-ups and the countless hours I had spent on the ab machine in the weight room.

With such good results, I stuck with this routine for years. Over time, my hamstrings loosened up and my back completely healed itself! Today I can easily touch the floor with both hands when stretching my hamstrings.


Guys, if you want to go from a 2Pac to an 8Pac, do this workout 3x/week. It’s only about 35 min long. Within three weeks, if you’re doing it right, you will see tangible results. At that point you can decide on the level of flexibility and the style of abs that you really want and adjust your workout accordingly.

Eat a super healthy diet to stay lean, and then yogattack that stomach. It’s a winning combo, and it’ll work every time. Trust me.


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