Everyone’s new years resolution should be to cut out sugar completely. It’s really that important.


We all know that sugar is bad, but many of us are in the dark about the actual effects it has on the body.

Sugar, especially fructose is toxic. Consuming too much fructose will

  • Make you fat.
  • Age your cells faster.
  • Slow down your brain.
  • Can lead to leptin resistance. Leptin is the hormone that tells you when you’re full.
  • Can be as toxic to the liver as alcohol.

If you haven’t watched Sugar: The Bitter Truth by UCSF Professor Dr. Robert Lustig, please find the time to watch it this week. It just might be the most important video on health out there. 4 million views can’t be wrong.

A Quick Cliffnotes Summary

  • Sugar is addictive
  • Increases in soda consumption is a major factor in the obesity epidemic in our country.
  • 80% of the food products found in supermarkets have added sugar/high fructose corn syrup
  • Sugar gets immediately absorbed by the body, spiking insulin levels.
  • Fiber slows down the absorption of sugar.
  • Fruit juice = BAD (no fiber); BUT eating fruit = GOOD!



winnie-the-pooh-jpgCutting out sugar does not mean sacrificing sweetness. Replace sugar with something beneficial for your body such as fruit, organic stevia, raw honey, or organic agave.


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