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Step 5. Remember to continue trusting life

Life never functions in a predictable linear path. However when fear kicks in, the ego will use its logic to try to keep you permanently down with “proof” that life will always be the way it is now.


The ego has no real grasp of how our future will unfold. This is because what the mind knows, only comes from the data it has accumulated up until now. It can only pull from this information and is constantly creating projections of the future based on past patterns. Much like a corporation forecasting earnings for the next 10 years, the ego will also create a perfectly linear projection. But life never works in this way. Life is mysterious, and it is the unknown that allows for progress to occur exponentially. Good examples of this are the thousands of rags to riches tales such as Oprah, J.K. Rowling, Steve Jobs etc.


The heart on the other hand communicates with all of existence, as our eternal souls are tied to the eternal God/Infinite Intelligence/All That Is. Being connected to All That Is, our intuitive guide has infinite organizing power. It has the higher view to bring forth what we desire in the timing that is necessary to facilitate the challenges and growth we must experience. The heart always knows where we must go next to progress along our path. Learning its language and then committing to always saying Yes to its call will lead to fulfillment and a magical unfolding of life.

It’s hard to believe in the possibility of a turnaround when the fog of negativity weighs you down. However, changing your thoughts is the only way to change your perception and to rebuild optimism. The best way to prove to yourself that you are always on the right path is to use examples from your own life when difficult times turned out to be a greater blessing in disguise.

As Steve Jobs said in his Stanford commencement speech, you can always connect the dots looking back in life. It is often the most difficult moments that function as a course-altering junction in shaping us into the people we were meant to become.  Look for how this may be true in your own life and begin to trust in life’s flow.

Successful progression through the five steps leads to one result—forgiveness. Forgiveness is freedom. Forgiveness of others and especially yourself will release you from the past and allow you to start fresh without the guilt and baggage of yesterday.


If you can believe it, this healing can be real for you too. Healing the heart will take as long as you believe that it will. True healing can’t come from external events happening to you, such as finding a quick replacement partner. You can only grow by looking within, lovingly accepting yourself, and deciding to march forward into the unknown. Learn to trust the mastery you can develop over yourself and your environment. You are the only one who can think for yourself. You are the one who ultimately interprets the impact the events in your life will have on you. Choose to stay positive and to look for the lessons from even the most the difficult of times.

Failed relationships help us to more clearly define what we do or do not want. Having internal clarity helps to more quickly translate thought into its external representation, as our experiences match what we know to be true from within.

We are all guided on our own unique life paths. What progresses us is growth through experience. The people that come into our lives are there to help us learn to identify our true nature and to learn how to love more fully. Embrace the moments you have with the people you love and learn to lovingly let them go when life guides you in a new direction. Have the courage to love fully whenever love presents itself regardless of the scars the past may have caused. Only by indulging in our heart’s desires to the best of our abilities will we be able to live a loving life without regret, regardless of whether the outcome matches our expectations.

This is not the only way to heal, but it is a process that has been consistently effective in my experience. Of course healing does not have to be a solo operation. Surrounding yourself with family, good friends, and lots of love will always shine the light through whatever darkness is in your life.

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Learn to love yourself and the world will automatically reflect that love back to you for the rest of your life.

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