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Step 3. Allow yourself to fully express your emotions

We have been conditioned to believe that tears and sadness is a sign of weakness. Men are taught to not show emotions, and thus when these “weak” emotions appear, the natural instinct is to try to ignore or suppress it at all costs.


This is a huge flaw in how we learned to treat ourselves. This is because suppressing emotion is the denial of emotion. A denial of emotion is the denial of reality, because emotions only exist in the present moment.

The other problem with suppressing emotion is that it becomes a block in the natural healing process. Real healing from grief becomes nearly impossible without the expression and release of the emotions involved. The emotional energy that is not released often morphs into other destructive forms. This is also true for repressed sexual energy… and we know what sick, destructive manifestations come from sexually suppressed people and societies.

If you’re angry, allow yourself to be fully angry. If you’re sad, be fully sad. That’s what it means to be human. We are emotional beings with a wide range of expressions. To authentically express the emotion that currently manifests within you IS to be fully alive. Anything else is acting.

Healing in this step requires awareness and intention. As you allow yourself to express the negative emotions, observe it. Witness yourself having the emotion (almost in the 3rd person) with the complete knowingness that

1) You are not your emotion

2) This emotion, like all things, will eventually pass away

3) Your intention is to return to peace and acceptance and not to remain under a self-loathing cloud forever.

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