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Step 2. Accept reality as it is.

To accept reality as it is means to be 100% tolerant of how things are, good or bad, without judgment or the desire for it to be any other way. Judgment of your current reality creates separation from it, because you are condemning it as bad and unacceptable. Judgment also creates resistance. Hating how things are and wondering why it isn’t a different way prevents you from living in the present, because you are fighting against the truth of now. Fully accepting reality, no matter how painful facing your fear may be, will give you the mental clarity and emotional strength to grow and move on.

I’ve found meditation to be a very powerful healing tool here. When you can get yourself into a deeper state of consciousness, you can begin to experience the more subtle sensations of your body and discover where the roots of your pain lie. Our minds like to exaggerate things through imagination. If we have pain, it will blow it up to be bigger than it actually is, adding mentally created pain to the initially independent physical sensations of pain. We can greatly reduce the suffering that we experience by isolating the self-created psychological pain from the physical.


As you observe the sensations of pain at the root level without reacting to it, the imagined pain dissipates and you’re left with only the physical sensations, which is much smaller and more manageable. The interesting thing here is that the longer you can stay and just observe, even the physical pain starts to disappear on its own. This happens because as you identify a sensation and are able to observe it with non-judgment, you are returning to the present through complete acceptance of your current reality. Full acceptance is the elimination of all resistance. You are saying YES to life, and thus the pain created from pushing against that which you did not want begins to subside.

Nothing lasts forever. Everything including your body, but especially your emotions, is constantly changing. Healing happens as we go back into the flow of nature by acknowledging and surrendering to our body’s intelligent guidance. Your soul/inner guidance/true self is always acting in your best interest. Its incentive is to be in equilibrium and balance. It is therefore always looking to remove you from fear and return you to your natural state of love, joy, and inner peace. Learn to trust it.


I experienced instantaneous healing from my emotional pain by witnessing it without reacting as best I could. For some people complete healing may also happen here. For others with more difficult emotional trauma, go on to Step 3.

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