Time and space are only “real” in our physical experience.

We live with an illusion of linear time. However in reality, we are actually evolving within the continuously unfolding present moment, where all life and the experience of life take place.

The only aspect of time that exists is this eternal now.


When our minds wander to the past or the future, we are fleeing the true reality of the present moment and escaping to a false one of our own misperception. We cannot find God there. God only resides in the present moment because the present is the only “place” that is real. Consciously returning to the present moment as often as possible is the first step in truly experiencing life and being able to experience God in our lives.


“Be still and know that I am God.” Psalm 46:10

It is no coincidence that every major religion centers on a practice of meditation and/or prayer. They all advocate the use of this tool as a way to guide people away from attachment to the egoic self and towards presence—and ultimately a personal experience of Truth.


We can only find stillness by being fully present. This meditative still mind can be achieved by silencing the mind to a state of non-thought, or from complete mental focus on any activity. Both prevent the mind from drifting. With a still mind, we are temporarily free from fear, doubt, and judgment. It is with this essential state of being that we are able return to the eternal present with the openness of mind necessary to receive and perceive the infinite.

Our minds are highly analytical and are constantly planning, analyzing, categorizing, and dictating. While essential for day-to-day living, this form of thinking puts up a mental wall and blocks the potential to experience God. This is because our logical mind will only accept the things that it can understand and quantify. But how can you define or describe the experience of something infinite and eternal? The mind can’t even fully understand the concept of infinity. We can only roughly theorize about it and put it into a neat, tidy box. Things of eternal and infinite nature cannot be interpreted and understood through intellect, but instead can only be felt and known through the heart, which never requires explanation for acceptance.


It is similar to the moment when you realize that you are in love or when you are feeling excited (which are both expressions of the soul). You just KNOW that you are. You cannot create a checklist and arrive at a logical conclusion that based on x number of signs, you must therefore be in love or must be feeling excited.

As with falling in love, the only way to experience it is to have a will that is not resistant to falling in love. You cannot convince yourself 100% that love is not real and then expect to be proven wrong. Any solidified belief of limitation (or abundance) must be upheld as true in our minds or else the idea/law of beliefs would cease to exist.

Re-establishing a Connection with the Divine

Even if you do not believe in God, the Universe, or a Source Energy that binds all things together, you can still experience the Divine presence in your life as long as you

  1. Are not 100% closed off in your mind to the possible existence of a higher power
  2. Have a willingness to want to experience a connection with Infinite Intelligence
  3. Can sit in stillness without judgment or doubt (lower the ego’s wall of resistance)


Start by protecting your mind against doubt. By having an open mind and beginning to live your daily life with the awareness to look for the Four Ways to Experience God, it will allow more favorable coincidences, more mini miracles, and more gratitude to flow into your life.

If you can cut through all of your past negative experiences with religion and the word “God” and just observe yourself as a blank slate, you will soon realize that there is a primal urge to find greater meaning in life. That lingering desire for answers is within us for the purpose of challenging the “reality” of this physical world of scarcity. I believe that all of us at some point have had feelings of knowing or remembering of something greater than what we can see with our eyes. That feeling is a remembering of our true infinite nature and our innate magnetic pull to want to return to our source.

Give thanks because you are guided. It is your choice and free will to decide whether you want to close yourself off from the peace of mind and happiness that comes from partnering with this Divine guidance. The beautiful thing is that this is your innate inheritance. You can always choose to return to the awareness of your blessed life when you are ready and willing to accept such blessings.

It took me my whole life to finally know and accept God’s Grace. The past two years of experimenting, learning, and seeking helped me to experience that break-through moment of no return. It has made all the difference and I can think of no greater task in life than to teach you all of the steps that I took to create more love and peace within.

When you change your thinking, you can change your experience of life. I highly recommend choosing a life full of love and abundance and learning to let go of the competition and fear that has dominated our whole lives.

Start with presence and let the ball start rolling!



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