The thoughts we choose to think, lead to the emotions we end up feeling.

We have a choice. We can either allow our thoughts and feelings to be at the mercy of external events and influences, or decide to create the experience that we would rather have.


Our imaginations have the power to transform a thought into physical experience. A good example of this is the self-created fear kids experience from being afraid of their own imaginings.

unsolvedAs a kid I loved watching shows like Unsolved Mysteries and America’s Most Wanted (you gotta love the ’90s). The only problem was that when the show was over, the stories I had just watched would linger in my mind. It also didn’t help to be sitting home alone in the dark, next to a large unlocked sliding door with the curtains drawn. A prime setting for a horror film. 

“A serial killer who was never caught in Santa Barbara and whose victims all happened to be Korean 4th graders?! Just great.”

Getting off the couch to turn the lights back on took a lot of courage because I was convinced that at any moment a stranger in a Scream mask would emerge from the shadows and attack me with a knife. Scream4PR130411

As a 10 year old, the fear was paralyzing and very real to me because I allowed it to be real. My beliefs created my experience.

We all had similar fearful experiences as kids and looking back it’s very comical. However, today we still continue to recreate adult-versions of such imagined terrors when we indulge in thoughts of worry, fear and over-analyze situations. (This is one reason why I don’t follow the news religiously. News is 95% fear-based and being over-exposed to it will only give a mind more fearful, negative thoughts to draw from.)

Knowing that I have influence over the emotions that I experience, I try to consciously choose to bring forth the feelings that I wish to feel. For me, the feeling of being in love is the most liberating and most alive feeling that we can experience. I love having that “being in love” full-body tingling feeling of lightness. It is as if I activated and channeled every cell in my body towards the call of love.


Here’s how I draw up the in-love feeling

  1. I first must find myself in a calm state. Love cannot exist in an agitated, negative state. Fear and love are opposites.
  2. Next, I take slow, deep breaths. I follow the breath with my focus to my belly and back up towards my head with an excitement similar to the buildup before a loving sigh.
  3. I take a few more breaths in this manner, and enjoy the tingly aliveness and the oneness with my body that feels so damn good!

Thoughts are a powerful creative force. Try to not let them operate on auto-pilot for too long. Instead consciously focus on the thoughts and feelings that will best serve in shaping you into the person you wish to become. Choose to feel love from within. You don’t need a reason for feeling happy or feeling love. You don’t even need a memory to help you call up those emotions. Your natural default emotion has always been one of calm, love, and joy. Just the recognition of this truth and the desire to return back to the more pleasurable state of love will help you develop the ability to remain more consistently in this love state.

What you believe and feel on the inside directly translates to an external physical manifestation. The events and circumstances that you experience in life is a reflection of the belief systems that you hold onto. If you love yourself, the world will love you back.

Learn to love yourself unconditionally. Make it a habit to hold onto the mental and emotional state of love, and then watch as you experience more love through the people who come into your life.

This Truth of “what you put out, is what you get back” is something that I’ve experienced and have been aware of during the past two years of living mindfully.

Trust that it will also work for you and begin to change your life by starting with your thoughts.

Much love,


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