DID YOU KNOW: If you start eating only healthy foods, you will begin to crave only healthy foods. Fast food cravings will become a distant memory.

Sasha Pivovarova003

Over the past year I’ve been suggesting new ways to eat to my friends. What I’ve come to learn is that quite a few people do not have the willingness to change even though they know that they must. Old habits die hard. The most common resistance is the belief that choosing to consistently eat healthier is a tradeoff to taste, and a sacrifice of comfort food.

The first objection is completely false. Eating right SHOULD always taste good. I don’t believe in “diets” where people switch from eating like crap and then detoxing like crazy to somehow make up for poor eating habits. This does not bring balance to the body nor does it reinforce a healthy, loving relationship with food or with yourself.

I believe in making eating a pleasurable experience, but also to make food serve in bringing you back to your optimal state of being. Food heals the body, not working out. No matter how many crunches you do, it won’t heal your liver or your digestive system. Eating the right foods will heal the inside, which automatically will express itself more beautifully on the outside. Working out is like icing on the cake, but remember, it’s not the cake. 

My philosophy and cooking goal is to have every ingredient make me healthier. By only eating the best, there is no other possibility than to look and feel my best.

For the second objection, let’s first get some facts straight–

  • Sugar is an addiction
  • Fast food is an addiction
  • Junk food is an addiction
  • Meat can also be an addiction

YES, if you choose to eat what your body really needs, these things will generally have to be given up, especially sugar. The interesting thing though, is that once you start eating correctly, your highly intelligent body will automatically begin to detach itself from addictive foods and relearn to develop true cravings for more vegetables and REAL food.

fibonacci-nature-bodyWe tend to forget that in reality, we don’t control our bodies as much as we’d like to believe that we do. In actuality, we’re merely responding to the demands of our bodies. When you think about it, we can only consciously control our limbs and certain functions such as facial expressions, eating and pooping. Everything else is on autopilot. I can’t command my heart to slow down, and I can’t force my liver to process alcohol faster, so that I can drive home sooner.

We just intuitively respond to the call of our bodies. When it tells us we’re hungry we search for something that feels like what we want to eat. The problem is that growing up in America, we have taught our bodies to ask for the wrong foods for our whole lives.

The GREAT news is that once you deny the toxic flow of junk/fast/processed food as a supply of fuel for your body, the addiction spell will be broken and your body will begin to realize that there is actually a better source of food to help it function optimally.

Then it will beg you to eat more greens. At this point, even if you try to eat some McDonald’s, your body will reject it to let you know that fast food will not be accepted in your body temple from then on.

Allow your body to start healing itself by letting it relearn how to identify and ask for the nutrients it needs.

Your body is waiting for you to make the change, and when you finally do, it will thank you for the rest of your life.

Start making small changes today, and soon you’ll be a completely different person physically, mentally, and emotionally.

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