Continued from part 1

Experiencing more creative bursts.

Being joyful is the best way to increase instances of creative moments. Joy is our optimal and natural state of being. This is evident by how dramatically our perception of the world changes when we are joyful. Our confidence peaks in this state. Life feels effortless and abundant. We feel invincible. Everything seems possible. Maintaining this inner state assists in the creative process because it heightens our awareness of the present moment. This alertness allows for the spirit to be receptive to the all channels of inspiration without judgment (a direct thought, a coincidence, noticing something for the first time etc.). Joy accelerates flow.


Ask and Receive

Just as with seeking creative solutions through dreams, the first step in receiving meaningful messages is to ask for an answer to a specific question. Continually hold onto this intention with patience and with NO EXPECTATIONS of how or what the answer may be (expectations allow the influence of the egoic mind to creep back in with its obsessive need to control with its plans). In time, an answer or sign will present itself. If it feels like inspired thought, accept it with gratitude and begin making plans to take immediate action. This process should be exciting, but in an effortless manner, like a kid who accidentally discovers his first egg during an Easter Egg Hunt.

Start today!

Start making a conscious effort to identify the activities that bring the highest amount of joy in your life and make a continual effort to remain fully present as often as possible (I’ll be posting about developing mindful presence in the future). These two steps are the foundation to release your creative potential. Creativity is innate. Each person has infinite creative potential and the desire produce something of value. Genius is simply in a dormant state for most people. However, in time you may begin to surprise yourself with flashes of brilliance. Once this happens, make sure to use those moments to fuel greater belief in your abilities and continue to grow in greatness.


The world depends on you to discover your heart’s path and to share your talents to the best of your ability.


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