The origin of creative thought is a mystery. While creativity seems to arise spontaneously like a flash of lightning, the creative Source can actually be accessed at any time.

Inspired thought cannot be manufactured by the analytical mind, it can only be received by the spirit. Collecting data and trying to fit the pieces together like a puzzle will not result in an original idea. While gathering information is important, the creative thought that connects everything together in a meaningful way can only be received when in a state of no-mind, or no thought.

Homer Brain

Too much thinking shuts off creative flow. This happens for three main reasons:

  1. the mind loves to judge and categorize thoughts and experiences as good or bad, right or wrong, smart or dumb.
  2. the mind tends to over-analyze every detail.
  3. the mind obsessively creates plans, makes assumptions, and stubbornly adheres to them. The ego loves to stick with only its plans, because the unknown cannot be controlled and is therefore perceived as a threat.

Each mental tendency contributes to the same result– the building up of mental resistance to any idea judged as unworthy or foreign to the ego. Dependence on our ego’s judgments and plans cuts off our connection to the creative Source and our ability to perceive the infinite avenues by which a solution may present itself.

homer mind

The Solution:

Set aside some time each day to temporarily step off of the unending mental treadmill. By consciously getting into a state of complete presence in the current moment, the mind is silenced in the process, and it is in this state of stillness where communication with Source takes place.

Allow God (the Universe, the Divine, your muse) to flow through you and deliver the messages that you have been asking for. Learn to let go of the conditioned habit of associating a chattering mind as a familiar and safe state of being. Instead begin to seek refuge in the stillness of full presence.

By silencing the mind, even for a brief moment, we let go of all resistance. When we are able to detach ourselves from the mind and emotions, and just be, we can be fully open to the ideas and thoughts that are more aligned with our soul’s intentions rather than our ego’s intentions.



It’s no surprise that many people experience creative thoughts while taking a shower or through dreams. When showering we are often so focused on the one task of cleaning ourselves, that the rapid thought patterns of the mind are briefly ignored. When we dream, our conscious mind is not alert to deny the images of the dream state as crazy and unreal. Non judgment and presence opens up all channels to Source, while the mind will only accept what it wishes to see.

Stillness can be most directly achieved through meditation, but also from being fully present in any activity. Complete focus on the present moment prevents the mind from wandering to thoughts of the past or future and therefore eliminates all worry (which is anxiety created by negative thoughts of the future). The absence of worry is filled with peace, and from peace is an expansion into hope and confidence. Pair this with the lowering of mental resistance that results from being present, and you will find yourself in state of flow.

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