The other night I took a bath for the first time in years.

I decided to go all out and put a glob of coconut oil (3-4 tbsp) in the tub, dumped in some used green tea bags, and turned up the Heart Meditations Pandora station.

I might as well have put in some raw honey to complete the trifecta of brewing myself like my morning tea…

cheeky monkey

Bathing like a cheeky monkey.

It was very soothing. The oil gave the bath a nice fragrance and felt good, making my skin nice and soft. The main reason I added the coconut oil was so that my feet would get the TLC they desperately needed. For some reason, I never get around to lotioning my feet. Taking a coconut oil bath was an easier way for me to keep them fresh and clean and let the antifungal and deep moisturizing properties do their thing.

I think I found my Sunday night ritual. I’m hoping that slowing down in this way will also let more creative ideas flow into my head.


*Be careful to not dump coconut oil down the sink or in the toilet. It quickly solidifies at under 75 degrees and may clog your pipes if they aren’t disposed of with hot water.

**Also be careful when showering after a coconut oil bath. The tub can be very slippery if your tub floor doesn’t have rubber grips.


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