Where to buy: Whole Foods

Cost: $4 for a 1/2 lb

If you’re going to eat butter, might as well eat the healthiest butter out there.

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What is pasture butter?

Pasture butter is different from the standard stick of butter because it’s made from the milk of pastured cows. Most of the butter in our country comes from cows in large commercial farms. To cut cost, these cows are raised in cramped living environments (often unsanitary and probably stressful to the cows) and fed grains (unnatural diet). Pastured cows on the other hand can range freely, and feed on fresh grass (natural diet). Additionally these cows are raised without any antibiotics, hormones or pesticides. As a result, pasture butter more closely resembles its pure state and is also richer in nutrients than regular butter.Health Benefits

  • Omega-3
  • Beta-Carotene
  • Vitamin E
  • CLA

CLA health benefits

Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) has anti-cancer properties (breast, skin colon) and is most abundant in butter, dairy, and meat from grass-fed cattle.Other possible health benefits:

  • 50% higher levels of rumenic acid in breast milk of mothers who consumed mostly organic meat and milk products
  • may improve belly firmness
  • 3.2 g of CLA/day may reduce total body fat and increase lean body mass

Warning: CLAs may have aggravate insulin resistance in increase the risk of diabetes in extremely overweight people.