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Where to buy:, Costco, Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, Amazon

– make sure to buy organic unrefined extra-virgin

Recommendation: Small jars can be bought from TJ’s and Whole Foods (but more expensive). Costco sells a big jar of Nutiva.

The best deal is buying direct from Nutiva. Shipping is free and you can save $10 by using a coupon from I buy a 1 gallon tub from Nutiva for $50. I eat it, use it as a cooking oil, and body/face moisturizer. It lasts me about 5-6 months.

Cost: $10 for 14 oz — $50 for 1 Gallon.

How much to eat

Up to 3 ½ tablespoons a day = 50g of medium-chain fatty acids

Making the switch to coconut oil as my go-to cooking oil while also adding it to my diet has been one of the most important things that I’ve done for my health.

It’s all about medium-chain fatty acids…


Solid at temperatures below 75 degrees.

What makes coconut oil unique is that it is composed primarily of medium-chain fatty acids. At 64%, coconut oil is its best natural source. MCFAs are healthy fats that may help you lose weight through a boost to your metabolism and also protect you with its antifungal, antibacterial, and antiviral properties.

Losing weight with coconut oil

  • Coconut oil produces energy, not fat

Most fats, if not used immediately as an energy source, are stored as fat tissue on our bodies. But MCFAs are a unique breed of fats. Due to their smaller carbon-chain structure, they are digested differently than the typical long-chain fatty acids found in meat and vegetable oils. When consumed, coconut oil is sent straight to liver and converted to energy like a carbohydrate (though it does not raise blood sugar levels), and thus does not get stored as body fat or as deposits in the arteries.

  • Coconut oil stimulates metabolism

Coconut oil has a greater thermogenic effect than protein. When consumed in the body the MCFAs are quickly absorbed, burned and used as energy for metabolism. Thermogenesis occurs when your body raises its core temperature. When your body increases its heat or energy output, your metabolism increases and your fat cells are used as the main source of energy. Researchers found that the thermogenic effect of consuming a meal with MCFAs increases the metabolism for over 24 hours. Adding coconut oil to your daily diet can help keep your metabolism at an elevated rate.

  • Coconut oil and the thyroid

The thyroid is a gland that controls metabolism. Polyunsaturated vegetable oils are known to promote weight gain because of its harmful effects on the thyroid. These oils (corn, safflower, grape seed, soy bean) have been shown to depress thyroid activity by blocking thyroid hormone secretion, its movement in the circulation, and the response of tissues to the hormone. MCFAs on the other hand are digested directly in the liver without the need of enzymes and hormones, and do not have negative effects on thyroid functionality.

The smart choice is to replace all cooking oils with coconut oil. By doing so, you may lose weight from the metabolism-stimulating effects of coconut oil and also by simply removing thyroid-damaging, fat-storing vegetable oils from your diet.

*Recently I’ve been sticking with the 3 1/2 Tbsp of coconut oil a day by using it as a cooking oil and by adding it to my tea. At 6’1″ I’m normally at 160 lbs (which is fairly light for my height). I don’t have much weight to spare, but I’ve noticed that I haven’t been filling out my pants as well recently. Over 3 weeks I’m down to 152 in the morning and steady out to about 154 during the day. Other than adding the coconut oil, my diet has remained exactly the same with lots of sleep and low levels of stress, so I can say from my own experience that coconut oil does assist in weight loss. Those who know me know that I never diet and instead just eat ALL THE TIME (mostly healthy stuff though). I’m planning to reduce my coconut oil intake asap before I become completely assless.


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