There was something about seeping a green tea bag for only a minute, and then tossing it in the trash that did not sit well with me. I hate wasting things, but at the same time I really couldn’t see myself re-brewing used tea bags the next day.

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Luckily I found a solution. Instead of throwing away the tea bags, I started saving them in a glass by my bathroom sink (a Jack Daniels glass :p). Now when I remember to, I brew one used tea bag in the sink and use the tea water to wash my face.

I think it was the Korean “Green Fever” I experienced when living in Seoul that inspired me to start doing this. Back then, anything green was marketed as healthy, and it sold! Even a thickly frosted “green tea” cake was viewed as a healthy alternative to a chocolate cake…

green tea cake

photo (9)According to an article on, washing your face helps green tea helps suppress the excessive production of sebum secretion, which causes acne, while also helping to keep the skin toned and moisturized.

I just figure that it can’t hurt to use antioxidant/nutrient rich water instead of regular tap water.

We shall see what real benefits I experience from doing this regularly.

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