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I use an electric kettle several times a day. In the past, making tea seemed like too much work, so I rarely did it. Who wants to fill up a tea kettle and wait an eternity for an old electric stove to slowly bring the water to a boil?

Electric kettles are great because it’s quick, it’s easy to measure the perfect amount needed, and it shuts off automatically once the water is hot. No need for whistles…

Nyhavn,_CopenhagenWhen I studied abroad in Copenhagen, every “Ikea-ed” dorm room came with one, and that’s when I first started to drink tea regularly. The interesting thing about making tea in Denmark is that after about a week of use, the inside of the kettle would become encrusted with calcium deposits from the frequent boiling of their tap water.

Scandinavia has a heavy dairy-based diet and (I’m going to positively stereotype here) Danes are really, freakin’ tall! My theory is that a lot of it can be attributed to the high dosages of calcium kids get from milk and even their drinking water.

Best chocolate milk in the world. Liquid crack. Sexy.

Cocio. The most addictive chocolate milk in the world a.k.a. Liquid Crack. Sexy.

So boil some water and drink up! Tea tastes great, is one of the best things you can drink. And who knows, you may develop a new talent like Mitch.


“I drank some boiling water because I wanted to whistle.”

–       Mitch Hedberg

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