One of the purposes of meditation is to focus the wandering mind and in doing so, restore awareness back to the present moment. This can be achieved by sitting in silence, or through full engagement in any activity. For me, I can experience this when I rap along to some of my favorite hip hop classics.


When I was 12 years old, I heard “Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See” by Busta Rhymes for the first time, and my mind was blown by the hypnotic beat and mesmerizing lyrics. My brother and I would literally replay that same song ten times straight and rock the entire neighborhood with a bass that made our older Santa Barbarian neighbors wonder if they were experiencing cardiac arrest.

I was obsessed with that song. I learned the lyrics and developed a lightening quick tongue like Busta, and to this day can still rock out in karaoke without the screen. Hip Hop becomes a meditation for me when all my mental focus is used to make sure that I’m rapping along in rhythm, and with identical intonations as the rapper. The faster the lyricist, the more challenging it becomes to “get a perfect score,” and you are able to release yourself from all thought while in pursuit of this goal.

In sports this state of mind is called “being in the zone.” For rappers, freestyling provides a similar feeling of “finding flow.” In both cases, this can only be achieved when the self can detach from the over-analyzing mind and its thoughts of resistance and doubt.

How to Hip Hop Meditate:

  1. Find the fastest rapper to emulate (Twista?)
  2. Memorize the lyrics. The more nonsensical the lyrics, the better (Lil Wayne)Infomania-Lil-Wayne-007
  3. Pay attention to the speed of your lips as you rap along. Exaggerating lip movement helps.
  4. Go for the perfect score.

Still the same OG

I can’t wait until I’m 80! Cruising down the boulevard. Top down. Music blastin (more because of the hearing aid), bass bumpin, and rappin.

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