PART 1: The Happy Morning Alarm


  • Set your morning alarm to a song that will put you in a happy/smiley mood to start the day

photoI have come to learn that a big part in strengthening the habit of happiness lies in your ability to remember who you are at your core, and finding comfort from acknowledging the many blessings currently in your life. We tend to become overwhelmed by stressful situations, and often forget this powerful sense of self.

I use my iPhone as one tool to systematically remind myself to focus on maintaining uplifting thoughts and feelings throughout the day.

The first way I do this is by using my phone to help me wake up with a smile and to start the day the right way—

  • With gratitude for the miracle of being alive and the opportunity to live another day
  • With optimism that today will be better than yesterday
  • And with a childlike enthusiasm for the unknown of the present day

I do this by choosing the perfect song as my morning alarm. I wake up to “Edelweiss” from The Sound of Music, evoking feelings of love for my 85-year-old grandmother in Seoul every morning.


For two years, I had the opportunity to live with this very awesome/funny lady.

The Sound of Music is her favorite movie of all time (and probably every Korean woman’s favorite as well). If I ever slept in too late, instead of coming into my room to wake me up, she would always stand just outside my door and sing “Edelweiss” as loudly as she could until I woke up and made her stop.


I love her! She’s the best, but sadly the last grandparent I have left.

If you’re lucky to still have grandparents around, give them a call and tell them you love them 🙂

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