About a year ago, I came across a documentary on Netflix called Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead. It’s a very inspiring documentary (and it can be seen here for free!).



In it, Joe Cross, who was 100 lbs overweight, on a ton of prescription meds, and battling an autoimmune disease, decides to go on a fruit and vegetable juice fast for 60 days in an attempt to give his body the nutrients it needs to heal itself. As you can see from the movie cover, it worked out for him.

I do not recommend going on juice fasts, because your body wont be balanced by cutting out all fats and proteins. Instead, the main takeaway I got from this film is how easy and beneficial adding a daily glass of fresh vegetable juice can be for your diet. I did for the past year, and it was probably the single best thing (aside from exercise) that I’ve done for my health.

Why juice veggies?

  • Fact. As Americans we don’t even get close to eating the ideal amount of vegetables that our body needs every day.
  • Fact. Juicing vegetables is an easy way to get a lot of the nutrients without having to cook and chew buckets full of produce. Apparently up to 90% of nutrients are kept through juicing.
  • It keeps vegetables raw, and therefore many of the micronutrients and enzymes that are lost when overheated or processed are preserved and absorbed by the body.
  • It allows you to vary your vegetable intake.


  • Regularly drinking vegetable juice will help change your tastes and cravings away from the fatty, salty, sugary food addictions, and more towards healthier options. Once the body is introduced to healing foods and starts responding with more energy and strength, it will crave more of the foods that can maintain this positive feeling. Trust your body.
  • Liquid is absorbed quickly without much work from the intestines and can give your digestive system a break.
  • Because it is absorbed quickly, it will give you an instant energy boost. My eyes become brighter and my thinking becomes clearer. I also like to have a juice while working out (vegetable roids??)
  • It feels good knowing that you’re eating the best there is for your body.
  • It actually tastes good! Although the first few times will take some getting used to.



The fewer vegetables you are currently eating, the more foreign this injection of vegetable nutrients will seem to your body. Be prepared for a lot of POO at first. The juicing will start cleansing your system and clearing a lot of crap out (literally). Don’t be freaked out if your poo is green or looks more like… duck poo.



  1. Start slow and don’t go overboard. Maybe start with half a glass and see how your body reacts.
  2. Drink it ASAP or at the latest under 2 hours. Like a sliced apple or avocado, it will start oxidizing quickly and lose some of its nutritional punch.
  3. Drink a glass of water soon after. I found that my throat feels scratchy after I pound a glass of juice. Water will help it all go down smoother. Remember that vegetable juice should not be viewed as a replacement for water (still shoot for 2-3L a day!).
  4. Buy organic when you can.
  5. Compost the juicing waste. There is a lot of it and it can be put to good use.


  • Juicing removes all fiber, so having too much sugar from carrot, beet, or fruit juice can lead to spikes in insulin levels.

Start juicing today to let your cells get the nutrients it has so badly deserves. Trust me, if you start taking the actions to do the things that are best for your body, it will reward and surprise you with how much more vitality you can have at any age.

Food is medicine. Start healing yourself today.

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