Nature is both therapeutic and essential to living a balanced life.


Nature serves as the ultimate reminder of how we should strive to live our lives – in abundance, in harmony, and in an effortless flow with our own inner nature and our deepest desires. Through the observation of our natural surroundings, we can witness the perfect execution of the Law of Nature. Every living thing is “programmed” to do what it was meant to do, and yet unlike robots, they still operate within a framework of freedom to maximize its own well-being. A plant born into a space with minimal sunlight will automatically position itself to absorb as much light as possible in order to survive. A majestic redwood will continue to grow to its maximum height, and then… just be. A starving wolf will continue hunting for food with unshakable determination and optimism until it collapses and dies from hunger.

We are built in the same manner as the wolf and the tree. By trusting our intuition and instincts, we can identify and choose to pursue a path in alignment with a seemingly innate blueprint. We as humans however, are very good at over-analyzing and straying from our inner desires due to external influences. We complicate our purpose, while nature keeps it very simple. It is important to return to nature to witness how life goes on without any strain, to remind us of our connection to all inhabitants of this world, and to remind ourselves to look within for direction and peace.

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