Food is medicine. SWEET, SWEET, medicine.

The Body section will mainly describe my diet and what I have done to upgrade to include healthier meals and snacks without compromising taste/pleasure.

I do not believe in “diets.” Dieting implies an unhealthy relationship with food where food is viewed as an enemy or something that must be sacrificed to achieve an outcome. I do believe that everyone has an optimal body for their own body type, and that the body will gradually find its equilibrium if the cells are consistently fed the proper fuel to allow it to function in the way it was built to function.

My opinion of physical health:

65% Diet

20% Stress Management/Sleep

10% Exercise

5%   Genetics

For the past twelve years I have obsessed over fine tuning my exercise regiment and supplementing it with a healthy diet. However, over this past year I have focused mainly on making my diet the best that it can be and placed a much smaller emphasis on working out. I used to lift weights 5x/week and eat well. Now I work out once or twice a week to maintain my body, but instead try to eat as perfectly as I can.

As a result, at 28, I have the best body of my life, and I want to share everything I did to help my body reach its peak on its own. I hope you will have even better results than me!

There is no quick fix to getting a healthier body. Like developing any beneficial habit, it will only be after time has passed that you will be able to look back and see how making all the small, daily improvements towards your goal accumulated into big changes.

My focus for this section will be on how food leads to natural weight loss, an increase in energy levels, a sharper mind, and the ability to heal faster.