Dear Friends,

Welcome to!

I am grateful and honored to have the opportunity to share with you all of the knowledge that I have gained in my pursuit of optimal health, well-being, and ultimately, happiness.

About three months ago I had the inspired thought to create this blog with only one goal in mind. That is to teach you, as simply as possible, everything that I have experimented on myself and have found to be effective in contributing to my wellness and in developing a greater sense of self.

I am by no means claiming to be an expert in these subjects, nor do I have the credentials to backup some of what I will discuss.

However, what I do know for sure is my own experience. Those who know me closely have witnessed the growth that I have experienced over the years, and more importantly, the critical evolution I have undergone through meditation and living mindfully over the past year.

In a nutshell, I’m just a happy health freak who wants to help people live more joyfully, pursue their dreams, and live long enough to enjoy it all.

I will be organizing my thoughts under the following three general categories:




In sharing my personal truths I hope that I can plant the seed of awareness and also inspire you to take action in developing a more positive outlook on life, a physically healthier version of yourself, as well as inner peace/love and compassion for others.

Life can be magical if we choose to interpret it that way.

Be well and be happy!

With love,

Matthew Um