BodyBannerLast year I stopped using Crest and Colgate for good.

I made the switch to natural toothpastes in an effort to reduce my chemical exposure from bath and beauty products. (Read about why you need to stop using commercial body washes and switch to Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap here.)

Specifically, I was looking to go fluoride-free and sodium lauryl sulfate-free.

Crest’s active ingredient is fluoride and these are its inactive ingredients:


A few words on the ingredients in your toothpaste.

Sodium Fluoride

Sodium fluoride is an anti-cavity agent, but it is also a toxin. As by-product of aluminum manufacturing, it can also be found in rat poisons and industrial pesticides. According to the Akron Regional Poison Center, ingesting 1/10 of an ounce of fluoride can kill a 100-lb. adult. Ingesting even a small amount of sodium fluoride may cause nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate

Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) is added as a detergent and cleansing agent and pose a wide range of potential health risks. SLS can damage eyes, irritate skin and lead to labored breathing. According to the American College of Toxicology, SLS may stay within the body for up to five days, accumulating in the heart, liver, lungs and brain. When combined with certain chemicals, sodium laurel sulfate transforms into nitrosamines, a class of powerful carcinogens that cause the body to absorb harmful nitrates.

Propylene Glycol

Propylene glycol is an active ingredient in anti-freeze. The Material Safety Data Sheets for propylene glycol warn that the chemical can be rapidly absorbed through the skin, with prolonged contact leading to brain, liver and kidney abnormalities. The EPA requires its workers to wear protective gloves, clothing and goggles when working with it. And yet, the FDA says it’s all good to put in our mouths.

Fluoride is also known to calcify the pineal gland.

So as a spiritual experiment, I wanted to reduce my fluoride exposure to see if limiting it would positively affect my meditation and connectivity. Over the past year my connection and awareness has improved exponentially, but I’ve also been meditating a lot more during that time. I can’t say that cutting down on fluoride was responsible for this boost alone, but I’m hoping that it helped.

Our tap water is already full of fluoride. I’m sure we’ll be fine if we pass on getting more of it from our toothpaste.

In contrast, here’s a pic of Jason’s ingredients:


The ingredients in JASON is mostly oil based, while Crest is a mystery box of chemicals. It’s your choice.

I use JASON, and so far they have kept my teeth so fresh, so clean, and cavity-free.




JASON is $6.50 a tube on their website. You can also pick some up at Whole Foods and Amazon.

Tom’s is also a natural, fluoride-free toothpaste, but it contains SLS.


While we’re on the topic of good oral hygiene, make sure to floss after every meal.

Use Oral-B Glide floss. It’s super smooth and easy to use. It’s the best hands down. $6 for a 2-pack on Amazon.



And now story time–

My Painful History with Teeth

I had really horrible teeth as a kid.

When I was four, I ate so much candy that my back molars rotted and I had to have silver caps put on them.

I had more bling in the back of my mouth than a young Mike Tyson.



I must find this vending machine.

When I was a Kindergartener, I had my first “looth-tooth” and excitedly told my mom about it while sitting in the back row of our 1992 Mazda MPV.

Anyone else suffer long hours of their childhood in the 3rd row of this beast? What was with that tiny crack of a window back there... ah the misery.

Anyone else suffer long hours of their childhood in the 3rd row of this beast? What was with that tiny crack of a window back there… oh the misery.


Big mistake.

My mom slammed on the brakes.

She lunged at me with this crazy look in her eye, telling me that she “just wanted to see it and wiggle it for a second”.

She lied.

Instead she gripped my chin and punched out that tooth with her thumb all in one forceful swoop.

I spent that ride back home from piano practice crying, cupping my tooth in one hand, wiping the drooling snot away with the other, while sucking on an endless stream of my own blood.


And all that for what?! A silver dollar under my pillow that I was never going to cash in because I thought it was a collector’s item?

Only for fairies.

Fairy currency.

Let’s just say that after that traumatic experience, I never released any breaking tooth news to my mom again.

In fact, I refused to pull out any more of my teeth, which was a really bad move, since it forced me to get injected by needles that were longer than my face and have my teeth yanked out with wrenches. Ouch.

I once met a dentist named Dr. Payne.

I know a dentist named Dr. Payne. True story. 

The only positive experience I had with a tooth removal was the one time I was gassed.

The children’s gas was flavored, and I chose bubble gum.

That dentistry was the coolest. Unlimited Pac Man in the waiting room, and a wall of prizes to choose from at the end of the check up. I always went for the awesome balsa wood gliders, of course.

b7df7e52c080a9b6ef299ca943e9c4f7 (1)440 (1)


The best part about getting gassed was that this dentist let me take the nose piece home with me.

Every time I took a huge whiff of that Bubblicious goodness, I got pleasantly lightheaded and happy. I kept this baby locked up in an airtight, freezer Ziplock bag and secretly buried it in my desk drawer. It provided two full weeks of heavenly bliss.

12-bubblegum_01 (1)

Smells like bubblegum, feels like awesome.

At 10, my teeth started growing in horrendously, making me look like Cletus’s daughter.

Like Gummy Sue Spuckler, I also had one big “Choppah.”

I probably could have opened a can of soda with that tooth. Or Whoop Ass.


That year my mom told me not smile on Picture Day.

For my 4th and 5th grade school picture I listened and held a tight-lipped smile for the camera. But in 6th grade, I said F#$% it, and had the biggest, wackest smile ever, in all it’s pre-braces glory!

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MINDbannerI’ve never really been into incense. The only people I knew who used incense with stoners or hippies, or stoner-hippies — basically that one dude with dreads in the dorms who everyone wished would stop using “earthly oils” and finally just take a damn shower.

Andy Samberg. Spot on brother.


However, my views on incense changed after my cousin gave me this pack of Tibetan Sandalwood incense as a Christmas present. $14 on Amazon for 30 sticks.

The product description is hilarious. Check it out and you'll know what I mean.

The product description is hilarious. Check it out and you’ll know what I mean.

This stuff works.

More than just a scent, it soothes the mind and body by helping melt away anxiety.

How I use incense to bounce back from an anxious state. 

Whenever I feel any tension or anxiety, I like to retreat to my meditation cushion for 10-15 minutes. I light one of these babies, plug in headphones and listen to either soothing classical or meditation music. I give myself permission to just sit, breathe, and observe my current undesired situation without any judgement.

Within minutes, my initial short shallow breaths transition into deeper, relaxed breaths. With each deep inhalation, I absorb the calming effect of the incense and music, and find my way back to the stillness that comes with full acceptance of my reality as it is.

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BodyBannerInvest in a good rice cooker, even if you’re not Asian.

It will change your life.

Having a quality rice cooker is like having a gym buddy who always wants to work out.

Making quinoa and brown rice will become so easy that you’ll stay super motivated to eat healthy, with an intensity greater than Lou Ferrigno’s desire to beat Ahhnold. 

Aside from making rice with a touch of a button, my rice cooker also keeps me from cheating on my diet by having my meals organized in advance. It’s like my personal health assistant. And a rather fiiine one at that. By having a surplus of warm rice on hand, I always stay one step ahead of my next meal.

Oh, and it also happens to sing “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” whenever as it starts cooking for me.

That Zojirushi… she’s a keeper.

Whenever I make brown rice or quinoa for dinner, I always make sure to cook an extra ½ cup – 1 cup. With this rice reserve, I never suffer from that Starvation Scramble anymore. You know, when you’re so hungry that you resort to trying the strangest combination of foods in your fridge just to silence that gurgling in your stomach? Tortilla chips dipped in Wasabi Mayo? Tried that.

Having to wait an hour to cook rice when you’re starving is almost as painful as watching a clogged Brita slowly trickle water when you’re hungover and dying of thirst.

It’s the worst when you fill up the Brita, leave for a good 5 minutes, only to come back to a nearly full loading tank. Then out of desperation you decide to pour yourself a glass anyways, and of course the lid pops off, exploding water all over your counter and leaving your glass half empty. Fail.

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BodyBannerI haven’t stepped in a gym in over three years.

Initially I stopped going in order to save money, but then I realized that you can build an awesome body just as easily at home.

What You Will Need

1) The discipline to workout regularly at home.

Some people really need to go somewhere to exercise, or be surrounded by other people to stay motivated.

If you do decide to work out mostly at home, I would recommend

  • jogging or running for 30 minutes a few times a week
  • lifting weights for 45 minutes 2-3 times a week
  • and doing this awesome yoga video as often as you can

2) A pull-up bar

I use something similar to this. It’s a cheap way to tone up your biceps, shoulders, and back.


You can get one from $30 on Amazon here.

3) Dumbbells

I use these Bowflex adjustable dumbbells, and they’re a good bargain. It’s $300 on Amazon, although I did recently find it for $169 on a deal site.


I was hesitant to buy something from Bowflex at first because I had flashbacks of those ridiculous commercials from the ’90s.

“No money down!”

But these are actually good. I bought mine in 2007 and they’re still awesome. I use them mainly for working out shoulders, biceps, and sometimes lunges and squats (I mostly just run for my leg workouts).

To go an even cheaper route, invest in two pairs of dumbbells. One for shoulders and one for biceps.

I use 15lbs or 17.5 lbs for shoulders and 30lbs for biceps.


I recommend getting rubber hexagon shaped dumbbells. It’s safer and more comfortable to work out with.

Once you get all your gear, this could be you!

Actually, now that I think of it, I did look a lot like Goofy when I first started lifting weights.

At 17, I was a wiry 5’11”, 140lb shooting guard.

I had negative muscle.


I looked like an Asian Tayshaun Prince.


And I had no idea what to do in the weight room.

Luckily, life has a way of sending you the right people you need at the right time.

It just so happened that the new chemistry teacher at my small Catholic high school used to be a weightlifting coach for the Florida Gators football team.

I learned from the best, and now I can pass along my knowledge to you.

Rule #1: Always Use a Spotter

How I Learned the Hard Way

One day after school I went to work out in the weight room. It was chest day.

There was no one in there except the ENTIRE girls volleyball team and myself.

Luckily they were all doing sit-ups against the wall with their backs to me, so I wasn’t self-conscious about bench pressing my super impressive 25lb plates.

Hey, we all have to start somewhere. Even clowns.


Things started off well, but then went horribly, horribly wrong.

The first 7 reps were no problem. I powered through #8, and should have racked it up right there, but like an idiot I got greedy and cocky and went for one more rep. I watched in horror as the wobbling bar slowly started descending towards my neck. Read the rest of this entry »

BodyBannerI generally only eat three types of grains.

  • 1/2 cup of organic steel cut oatmeal for breakfast
  • 1/2 cup of organic brown rice or organic quinoa for lunch
  • and another 1/2 cup of organic brown rice or organic quinoa for dinner.

I stopped eating cereal, pasta, and bread. It’s too processed and I can immediately feel the impact on my body. For example, when I have a slice of pizza I instantly start growing a gut.

Zachary's. My favorite!

Zachary’s. My favorite!

Whereas when I cook giant feasts for my friends, my stomach stays relatively unchanged, even after eating until we’re completely stuffed.

Every Wednesday I host Man Night dinners for my best friends. We eat and share hilarious stories from the week. It’s like The Man Show, but without girls jumping on trampolines, or that cool old guy who plays the piano while downing a pint in one gulp.


What a gift.

Typically we eat:

  • organic brown rice or organic quinoa
  • free range chicken, broiled mackerel, or organic tofu
  • a giant plate of veggies, usually steamed organic kale/collard greens or a stir fry

This is paired with a nice bottle of red wine, for heart purposes only of course.

St. Francis. The Official Wine of Man Night.

St. Francis. The Official Wine of Man Night.


For dessert, we start by opening another bottle of wine and enjoying it with lots of 85% Trader Joe’s dark chocolate and almonds (food synergy).

Finally we top things off by devouring an entire cantaloupe. Go organic here if you can. The flavor will be more mind-blowing than when you first tasted fresh pineapple after eating cans of Dole pineapples your whole life.

dole_pineappleSticking religiously to these grains has definitely played an important part in keeping me trim and in shape. This is because all three grains are high in fiber and are low Glycemic Index foods, compared to their cereal, white rice, and bread counterparts. Low GI foods help stabilize blood sugar levels and are more easily digested.  Read the rest of this entry »

BodyBannerTurn off the TV. Close your laptop. Put away the phone. It’s time to eat, and just eat.

We’ve gotten so busy and used to multi-tasking, that many of us have forgotten how to eat. Dinners feel weird if we’re not watching YouTube or a show on Netflix at the same time.

What should be one of the most pleasurable and relaxing moments of the day often turns into a hurried ritual to silence hunger pangs.

As a result, food is eaten without experiencing its full flavor and enjoyment. We also started losing our ability to hear our bodies tell us when we’re full, and we’ve gotten fatter in the process.

It’s time to go back to the basics and slow down…and also stop eating like a duck.

Lenny: I dunno. Pigs tend to chew. I'd say he eats more like a duck.

Lenny: I dunno. Pigs tend to chew. I’d say he eats more like a duck.

What is mindful eating?

Mindfulness is being fully present with your current experience. This means that your mind is not wandering, but is instead attentively observant of the mental activity and bodily sensations occurring right now.

Mindful eating is nothing more than paying attention to what it feels like to eat.

I bet many of you associate eating meditation with eating like a monk. I know I did. I held an image of eating with my eyes closed, breathing deeply, and chewing 150 times before swallowing. I thought mindful eating was going to turn meals into discipline training, and that did not sound fun at all.

Let go all of those misperceptions.

Like with any meditation, eating meditation should be relaxed and natural. It should never be a strain.

You’re supposed to chew faster than this:

Here’s how I do it.

10 Steps to Eat Mindfully

  1. Make the dinner table free of distractions.
  2. Before starting your meal, take 2-3 breaths, focusing on the sensations of breathing. This will help corral your mind back to the present.
  3. As you breathe, think of something to be grateful for. Food tastes and digests better when you’re happy.
  4. Start to eat and chew normally.
  5. Notice what the food smells like and sounds like as you chew.
  6. Now, place your full awareness in your mouth.
  7. Start with your tongue. Experience what the tongue is sensing– the texture, the flavors, the heat. Also observe how the tongue glides around your food, behaving almost autonomously.
  8. Pay attention to what your teeth feel like when you chew. Notice how the structure and texture of the food changes with each bite.
  9. Observe your body’s urge when it wants to swallow. Don’t try to change or delay it, just notice how quickly or slowly your body wants to swallow once it starts chewing. Establishing this awareness is a key step in preventing overeating.
  10. Finally, pay attention to when you feel satiated. The goal is to identify the moment you’re not hungry and to stop before feeling stuffed.

The Health Benefits presented in If You Give a Mouse a Cookie mode:


If you eat mindfully, your food will taste better.

When your food tastes better, you will appreciate it more.

When you appreciate it more, you’ll want to savor every bite.

When you savor every bite, you’ll chew more slowly.

When you chew more slowly, you will hear your body tell you when it’s full.

When you know that you’re full,

You’ll STOP.

When you stop, you won’t overeat.

When you don’t overeat, you’ll get healthier.

When you’re healthier, you’ll look and feel great!

When you look and feel great, you’ll love yourself more.

When you love yourself more, food will stop being an enemy and start being your friend.

When food is your friend, you’ll dream about your next meal.

When you find yourself dreaming about your next meal,

you will realize that you’re being mindful about being mindful.

And that’s a good rabbit hole to be in.


Here’s a throwback for you, because being a 2nd grader is so awesome…

They seriously need to bring back Reading Rainbow. LAVAR!

Mindful Tastebuds

As you practice eating mindfully you may experience a heightened taste sensitivity to the foods you normally eat. Things will start tasting too salty, too sweet, or too heavy.

Trust your body. Your tastebuds are readjusting to help you make healthier choices.

Awareness and Overeating.

When you eat mindfully, you’re empowering yourself with awareness.  Read the rest of this entry »

BodyBanner Hey you. You’re a big kid now. This doesn’t pass for breakfast anymore. chocolate_covered_sugar_bombs_largeReplace that cereal & milk with oatmeal. If you really want to see some tangible improvements in your health, eat like me every morning, and knock out all the chia seeds, flax seed, nuts, and raw honey that you’re supposed to eat in one bowl of UMazingness.


Every ingredient is good for you. It’ll boost your energy, help your body heal, and make you feel great.

It might just be the healthiest, most energizing way to start your day. One day you’ll be so proud of yourself like this big guy.

Everyone knows that oatmeal is good for you, but most only know about how it lowers cholesterol.

Let’s review the facts. Let’s get edu-macated!

Health Benefits

BodyBannerWhat the hell is hemp oil and what do you do with it?!

$9.99 Costco. $19.99

$9.99 Costco. Nutiva is the best brand. Very high quality organic, unrefined, cold-pressed hemp oil.

Hemp oil is another health-boosting freebie to add to the mix. It has a distinct nutty flavor and is packed with Omega-3s, antioxidants, and Vitamin E.

All About Omegas

Hemp oil has the ideal 3:1 Omega-6 to Omega-3 ratio. A lower ratio is correlated to the prevention or reversal of many chronic diseases, especially heart disease. Studies found that a lower Omega-6 to Omega-3 ratio in women was associated with a decreased risk for breast cancer. Additionally, a 3:1 ratio suppressed inflammation in patients with rheumatoid arthritis.

Unlike flax and chia seeds which are also high in Omega-3s, hemp has Super Omega-3 (SDA) and Super Omega-6 (GLA), which help the body metabolize fat.

OMEGAS in 2 TBSP of hemp oil

  • Omega-6 Linoleic Acid — 14 g
  • Omega-3 Alpha-Linoleic Acid — 5 g
  • Omega-9 — 4 g
  • Omega-6 Gamma-Linoleic Acid — 1 g
  • Omega-3 Stearidonic Acid — 500 mg

Other Health Benefits

  • Lower cholesterol
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Tocopherol, an antioxidant in hemp oil, helps fight degenerative diseases such as atherosclerosis
  • Great for skin and hair
Not just for hippies anymore.

Not just for hippies anymore.

hemp green.

That dark hemp green reminds me of Turtle Pies from 3rd grade. These were disgusting, but I was still jealous of the kids who had them for lunch. It’s kinda like the Lunchables phenomenon.

Wait…isn’t hemp the same as marijuana?


They do come from the same Cannabis plant, but are completely different from each other.

Just because you’re in the same family doesn’t mean that you’ll turn out the same. Check your own.

This was the first movie I saw on an airplane. It was a 14 hour flight to Seoul. I had just graduated from Kindergarten. Worst movie ever.

This was the first movie I ever watched on an airplane. It was a 14 hour flight to Korea and I had just graduated from Kindergarten. What a horrible way to pass time.

If weed is the stoner dropout son in the Cannabis fam,


Towelie just straight chillin.

Then hemp is the overachieving, triathlete-supermodel-Harvard M.D.-Golden Child who shelters abandoned puppies in his guest house.

All upside, no weaknesses. Go get some.

Hemp oil is to your health, what this dude is to all breathing women:

Girls go gaga for Gosling.

Girls go gaga for Gosling.

Ryan Gosling is every girl’s dream.

How do I know? I found this card in the store the other day.

image (27)

*Guys, there’s something to learn from this. Start channeling your Inner Gosling this weekend.

It’ll keep the ladies happy, and everyone knows that that’s the first real step towards world peace.


How to eat hemp oil Read the rest of this entry »

BodyBannerI’m not a fan of the produce selection at TJ’s, but where they do excel are their packaged goods, and of course the best wines you can find for under $6. Take advantage.

Here’s what I shop for:

image (1)

Save this pic on your phone.


Stevia is 300x sweeter than sugar. You only need 1-2 pinches at a time. $10. Lasts 3-4 months.

Did you know that Stevia helps protect your teeth from cavities just like Xylitol? Read more here.


Damn good tortillas without all the added preservatives. Clean eating.



habanero hot sauce

The first drop… delicious. The second drop… “Ppssht this isn’t that bad.” Five seconds later. Regretting you took that second drop and wishing you had a bottle of ketchup and mustard to help you put out that fire like Lloyd and Harry.

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BodyBannerYour life just got easier. I put together a Costco shopping list for you.

Buy everything on this list and join me in eating your way to your healthiest self.


Save this pic to your phone now please.

Costco now bundles all of their dry organic goods in one area. Look for the green price tag.

Here’s what everything looks like.

50% cheaper than buying direct at!

50% cheaper than buying direct at!

Also cheaper than buying direct from

Also cheaper than buying direct from

This isn't the same bottle, but it is the same 24oz. $9.99 Costco. $19.99

This isn’t the same bottle, but it is the same 24oz. $9.99 Costco. $19.99


This is my favorite oatmeal. I eat it every morning, but it still takes me a few months to tackle this 7lb monster.

$5.29 for 4LBS. It's $3 for 1 LB anywhere else.

$5.29 for 4LBS. It’s $3 for 1 LB anywhere else.



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Turmeric is known for its powerful anti-inflammatory properties and has been used in Chinese and Indian systems of medicine for thousands of years. Several studies have shown the anti-inflammatory effects of curcumin (its active ingredient) to be comparable to prescription and OTC anti-inflammatory medicines.

It is also known to help

  • improve liver function
  • lower cholesterol
  • fight off Alzheimer’s

Turmeric is being widely studied for its cancer-fighting properties. Pairing it with kale, broccoli, or cauliflower may help prevent prostate cancer.

photo (48)

Always add pepper

Treat your body to some food synergy magic by mixing turmeric with black pepper. The combo will help your body absorb 1000x more curcumin. A thousand.

Just a little bit.

Just a little please.

Buy organic turmeric and sprinkle some into curries and stir-fry dishes.


Photo Sources: 1, 2, 3


Once upon a time there was a cute little T-bone named Steak.

Steak was fresh to the world. He came from the Prime lineage and had unlimited potential on what he could become.

hi. I'm not delicious yet.

hi. I’m not delicious yet.

He could have taken Japanese classes and grown into a tasty Teriyaki-San, with a nice surprise kick at the end.


Sweep the leg. You’re the best around.

He could have taken Salsa lessons with Señor Pepper and turned into one smokin’ hot fajita.


Bailamos! Let the rhythm take you over Bailamos!

He also could have taken the easy way out and followed the mindless path 9/10 steaks take to A.1. School.


“A.1.– for all those steaks who were overcooked in their youth and never tried to make it into culinary school.

Instead Steak was smothered by his overprotective step-mother Rosemary.

She wouldn’t let him do anything.

She was afraid that Steak would get burned later in life and be responsible for cancer, heart attacks, and other murderous acts.


You don’t want any beef with this mofo.

Rosemary knew that the only way to protect Steak from the allure of the infamous Carcinogen Gang was if she rubbed off on him.

Agents of Death

Agents of Death

Only by drilling her rosmarinic acid and carnosic acid antioxidant wisdom into Steak until it became a part of his DNA, could her antioxidants fully shield him from the peer pressure of the Carcinogen Gang, especially when things got really heated.

Rosemary was determined to raise Steak unlike other beef to save him from falling to the Dark (and crispy) Side.

So she did what any obsessively-worrying mother would do.

Steak was homeschooled. Read the rest of this entry »

BodyBannerOne important step to start undoing our harmful American eating habits is to cut back on potatoes.

It’s not that potatoes are inherently unhealthy, but that the only potatoes worth eating are more difficult to come by.

photo (47)Since we developed such an obsessive demand for potatoes in this country, potato farming practices have been greatly compromised for the end result of producing the most yield, as is what happened with beef production.

Most potatoes are bombed with pesticides above ground, but what makes things worse is that since it is a root vegetable, harmful substances found in the soil also make its way into our buddy Spud.

One USDA study showed that 81 percent of potatoes still contained pesticides, even after being washed and peeled.

Most of the dietary fiber is found in the peel, and potatoes are a high Glycemic Index (GI) food, which makes eating an unpeeled, pesticide-loaded potato not a great idea for people with type-2 diabetes.

On the flip side, potatoes are a good source of vitamin B6 and potassium and also contains

  • copper
  • vitamin C
  • manganese
  • phosphorus
  • niacin
  • dietary fiber
  • pantothenic acid

In order to get these nutrients, make sure to eat locally-grown organic. Organic is better than the plain ol’ potato, but organic farming doesn’t guarantee the use of pesticide-free soil.


And now potatoes explained by a 3rd grader Read the rest of this entry »


Green tea is clearly the healthiest thing you can drink besides agua. It’s packed with antioxidants, fights off cancer, keeps you slim and looking young… what’s not to love?

Read on to learn more or just scroll to the bottom to see pictures of tough guys drinking tea.

green-tea-weight-lossThe Health Benefits

  • High in antioxidants
  • Green tea is the best food source for a flavonoid group called catechins. Catechins have been shown to be more effective than vitamin C and vitamin E in stopping oxidative damage to the cells and appear to have other disease-fighting properties.
  • Green tea consumption is linked with reduced risk of skin, breast, lung, colon, esophageal, and bladder cancer.
  • Green tea contains l-theonine, which reduces cortisol levels (stress hormones) and promotes relaxation
  • Boosts your immune system
  • Increase metabolism

Never Drink Bottled Green Tea

100% marketing. 0% good for you.

100% marketing. 0% good for you.

No matter what the claims may be on the label, bottled green tea actually have little or no health benefits when compared to brewing the real thing on your own. Research shows that an average cup of home-brewed green tea has 30 mg of catechins while bottled tea has little or none.

Researchers tested four brands of green tea. Diet Snapple Green Tea contained almost no EGCG. Honest Tea’s Green Tea With Honey claimed 190 milligrams of catechins, but actually only contained about 60 percent of that figure. While the ECCG was higher than other bottled tea, Honest Tea also had 70 milligrams of caffeine, which is 2/3 that of coffee (green tea normally has 1/4 the caffeine of coffee), as well as 18 grams of sugar, about half the amount found in a can of Coke.

Bottled tea isn’t fresh, and is usually loaded with sugar, preservatives or “natural” flavors. It’s definitely better than drinking soda, but it won’t fuel your body with the antioxidants that green tea is supposed to supply.

When you’re on the road and the options are slim, stick with raw coconut water, water or lemon water.

How much is too much green tea?

10 cups (not mugs) is the max. Although studies show a positive correlation with cups consumed and health benefits, if you drink 10 cups a day, you may never fall asleep. Watching this might help in that situation though, followed by doing a little mindful breathing.

  • 5 cups a day has been linked to a decreased risk of stomach cancer
  • 7 cups supposedly maximizes weight loss and metabolism boosting benefits

Why two cups?

From all the studies I’ve read, the general recommendation is 2-3 cups a day.

I personally like a two-drink goal because it’s very doable. Have a cup in the morning and again mid-afternoon. Simple.

The source.

The source.

WARNING: Watch your tea consumption if you’re preggers or have iron deficiency problems Read the rest of this entry »


Like Chia seeds, this one is also a no-brainer. It’s basically flavorless and can be easily thrown into your oatmeal, smoothies, salads etc.


Health Benefits

Flaxseeds are rich in

  • Omega-3s
  • Fiber
  • Lingans

Lignans are good antioxidants that can bind to free radicals to fight unchecked cell growth. Flaxseed has one of the highest levels of lignans. To get the amount of lignans in 2 TBSP of flaxseed, you would have to eat about 30 cups of fresh broccoli.

Your body can only digest GROUND flaxseed

Don’t be fooled by the “healthy” snacks out there such as flaxseed crackers or chips. Whole flaxseeds are just for show. The flaxseeds in these snacks are useless because whole flaxseeds can’t be digested. They’ll just come right out like kiwi seeds.


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